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It is common for us to fall into the pitfall of “binary thinking”.

A man could be an accomplished student, acing through different subjects, and become skilled at his craft, yet be labeled stupid because of simple mistakes in an area he has no proficiency in.

A political agenda designed to fulfill the need of the society turned down because it symbolizes the embodiment of an ideology the country is opposed to, despite all of its benefits to the larger society.

A man could be labeled a “low-quality standards”, “idiot” or “incompetent” because he failed to excel at certain proficiency…

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Have you ever made a mistake and instantly think of yourself “how dumber can I become?”

Have you ever felt that your life is a complete failure, looking at where you're at now compared to your peers?

Have you ever felt that you’ve failed life because you couldn't feel any progress in life?

We constantly make mistakes in our life, and this could lead to a messy feeling that will bring ourselves down into a dark valley of hopelessness.

Indeed, our society has unreasonably put the world into a sort of discrete category, whereas one’s life, accomplishments, or achievements can…

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I have to admit that I was eaten by the wise words on how super-important reading is.

I spent like 4 hours daily reading, just because of my new habit of sinking myself into the deep-abyss of an ocean of words we proudly call as Medium. I seek the magic potion called “the knowledge”, which promises those who obtain it a bright future, to no-avail.

It feels like the wise words flew out from my left ear as I crammed it into the right ear, missing its ultimate destination which is the brain that sits in the middle of the…

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As I decided to take a short break and laid my head on the couch in the living room, I saw two of my five cats, laying comfortably on the corner of the room just underneath the window shade. Their sleeping position was circular, sort of creating the shape of a cat-croissant.

A constant supply of food, a comfortable house to play in, daily walk-around the park without having to worry about being lost, and “parents” who always cared and loved them no matter what they did to the vase or sofas. …

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“If you want to change the world, start off with making your bed,” said Admiral William H. McRaven gallantly in the commencement speech of the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.

The souls in this world are increasingly faced with uncertain futures. Things change in the blink of eyes, the world economy is crumbling as an increasing amount of uncertainties, crimes and hates, and worse, natural disasters swept through the year, the environment is sick as if the world was a smoking addict with blackened lung and obnoxious odors.

There are millions of people in the world, along with…

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By the time I published this article, I probably had less than 200 total views of my 12 published stories.

“Whew, this is crazy!” I said to myself as I ponder what I am going to do next with my Medium page.

I remembered a quote I saw from Sinem Günel’s article about 10 quotes from Confucius:

“ It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go as Long as You Do Not Stop”

And yes, I am not going to stop, but all the little voices inside me keep asking the same questions: “When will all of my writings yield…

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The commonly accepted method of studying is to focus on a subject and to think it deeply, sort of trying to weave the subject into the set of neurons within your brain.

School teachers will always tell you to closely listen to their explanation, ignoring all the distractions which may come from all corners of the classroom.

And people in the library are closing the door into their cubicle shut, with their eyes laser-focused to the book they tried to cram for tomorrow’s exam.

But turns out, this laser-focused method of studying is an outdated concept of learning. It is…

That morning I took my motorcycle for a ride.

I had no particular destination. All I wanted was just a ride through the country-side, so I jumped onto the seat, turned the ignition key, and go wherever the road led me to.

I sat on the motorcycle as it sent me twisting on the road, trying to avoid potholes and all the obstacles on the road. Some fellow motorcyclists overtook me, but I kept a steady pace as I rode. The sweet breeze of the morning air flowing around my jacket-covered torso along the way.

The rode took me a…

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Interestingly, the amount of data the internet stores follow Moore’s law, which means that there is twice more information stored in the “net world” compared to the previous years.

And this includes new researches, publications, smart ideas, interesting events, and updates on the direction the world is moving towards.

It is counterintuitive to say, that the internet is actually making us dumber.

But it is…

We are heading towards the age of information overload

And with this, there is just too much new information that we are incapable to digest.

Every second alone, there are approximately 6,000 tweets emailed, out of 86,400 seconds in a day. With quick maths…

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I read through the book. Cramming each and every page, my eyes laser-focused, and it seemed like I could understand and remember each of the topics being discussed. The clocks read 11:30 pm, tomorrow exactly at 09:00 am was my exam date, so I went immediately to sleep, thinking that I’m ready after only 5 days of book-cramming.

The next day, I arrived at the exam hall, full of confidence. The proctor gave me the exam sheet and shortly later, she rang the bell. The exam has already started.

So I looked at the questions, still holding to my confidence…

Ditya Mahandaru

My goal is to inform and inspire through my stories and help people live their life to the fullest.

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